1 Yorkville Condo

1 Yorkville Condo

1 Yorkville Condo

1 Yorkville Condo is now registering, please visit www.1-yorkville.com for your oppourtunity at the hottest investment in Toronto

1 Yorkville Condos is brand new and exciting development by Bazis located in one of Toronto’s desired neighbourhoods at the corner of Yonge and Yorkville.

One Yorkville will be one of the most original and unique condo’s to grace the city of Toronto. The nights skyline will be converted with a 3D wallpaper building, which will change in light, shadow and colour.

1 Yorkville Condos steps to subways, PATH, Yorkville shopping, parks, restaurants, entertainment, banks, pubs, schools, grocery stores, along with a vibrant nightlife.

Don’t miss out on a ideal urban living location, register today.

1 Yorkville Condo Sales Center

1 Yorkville Condo Sales Center

Real Estate Auctions vs. Traditional Real Estate Sales

This is a great topic for home sellers as they do not really understand the auction method of sale as it pertains to real estate. So, is selling your home at auction a better way to go rather then listing it with a traditional real estate agent?

The answer is an emphatic yes.
The auction method of sale gives consumers many more options when it comes to selling their home. But before I speak to the advantages let’s clear up some of the misconceptions. The word auction does not always mean foreclosure or short-sale. The auction method of sale is absolutely not always for distressed situations. This method of sale and the psychology behind it generates a tremendous amount of curiosity and interest for home buyers. Just seeing the word Auction on a real estate sign or in the MLS get buyer’s energized. If the auction is marketed correctly and administered ethically by an Auctioneer, the community will recognize this means of sale as a positive and not a negative. Buyers will always want to preview auction properties before traditional real estate listings.

The auction buzz

So now you have the energy and a buzz around your property that is being sold at auction. What are the advantages? The first advantage is flexibility. If you list your home with an auction firm, make sure they are also licensed to carry out traditional real estate sales, too. If the home does not sell at auction then it can immediately come on the market in the traditional sense. This will give you a competitive advantage with respect to a sales strategy. Yes a sales strategy, more tools that can bring an actual signed sales contract in less than 30 days. By coupling the auction method to traditional real estate sales you have created the perfect situation to sell your home.

A great addition to your home

When you are thinking about spending a serious amount of money on an addition to your home you will want it to add something special to the place.

When it comes to the example of orangeries you certainly don’t want to stand there looking at it and then think, “That’s nice but what do I do with it now?” Thankfully there are some very interesting uses you could find for this kind of structure once it is fitted to your house.

Party Central

When you invite people over to your house where do they usually spend most time? In a lot of homes it is the kitchen which everyone heads to and in others the living room ends up packed out. The great benefit to having an orangery is that it gives you an airy and spacious room where people can sit down and relax. If you have a well looked after garden then this is also a great vantage point from which to admire it.

More Peace

Do you want to feel less stressed out but can’t get excited about trying out transcendental meditation? In this case a simpler approach might be to give yourself a room where you can truly relax and switch off from the world. If this sounds like something you could be interested in then it is a good idea to plan the room carefully in advance. For example, do you want it to be filled with plants and soothing pieces of art or would you prefer a more spartan approach? If you get this aspect right then you can end up with somewhere which is a welcoming haven for you after a difficult day at work.

A Family Meeting Place

Isn’t it amazing how we can often spend a lot of time in the same house as our family without really bumping into them much? If everyone tends to stick to their own room in your house then having a room which everyone enjoys being in could be the perfect way to get them all together again. Whether they like watching the telly, reading books or magazines, listening to the radio, chatting or using their computer they can do it here in good company. You can choose from a range of models with big name firms such as Anglian, so you can get the perfect one for your family’s needs.

A Plant Nursery

Orangeries are also great places to grow plants in. Because they are usually warm and filled with light you can keep plants which maybe wouldn’t survive out in the garden. This also means that you can turn yours into a lovely, green place which it is a pleasure to be in.

This will also raise the value of your real estate, and that is a big bonus!

Moving tips that will save you some stress

It is time to move and you are surely feeling a bit overwhelmed. Moving is not only a tough thing to do emotionally, it is exhausting physically. The best thing to do when moving is to have plan. If you write down a moving plan and follow the plan step-by-step, you will more than likely go through the moving process stress-free. Make sure to contact a real estate agent in order to assist you in your move or relocation to the  area.

Steps to Moving Stress Free

A list of steps to take when you are moving will help you not only help you to get through the process, but will help you remember all of things that are required during a move. Let’s first go over the exhausting part of moving and how to make it a little easier.


  • A professional moving service, if you can afford one, is the best option when you move. They use the best boxes and packing material offered. They are trained in this area and can pack in a very quick manner. However, many people do not have this option and must pack on their own.
  • First, make sure you have sturdy, dependable boxes. Flimsy boxes will only take more time in the moving process, due to repacking.
  • Next, make sure to wrap all glassware and pack plates and other glass objects vertically. Always label glass-filled boxes FRAGILE.
  • Packing by room will help keep things together and is much less stressful
  • Always label your boxes. Putting what room they go in and what is inside is very helpful.
  • Keep all hanging clothes together and put them in the moving van last and make sure you have put something such as a trash bag or sheet around them to protect them from damage.
  • Pack all canned foods together and considering marking the heavier boxes so that you will not pick up something that is too heavy.

There are many aspects to packing for a move and it is advised that you give yourself plenty of time to do so. Waiting until the last minute can cause things to get broken and left behind in the move.

Moving Other Things

If you are moving a family pet, make sure to move them last. It is best to keep them either at someone else’s home or in a room in your current home during the move. Not only do they get in the way, they can become lost in the moving process with doors and windows open. If you have a smaller animal, such as a hamster, you may move this in the car during the move. Do not put any animals in the moving van. This is not safe.

Important Steps

When you are planning a move, you must not forget the forwarding information that must be completed, such as your new address to creditors and other financial companies. Write a list down of all the people that need your new address and consider having cards printed out with your new address. Be sure to transfer your power and phones. Do not forget your computer connection such as DSL. Alert your children’s school of the change, if they will be in the same district.

There are many things to do when you are moving. Packing, forwarding your address is just a few. Again, give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the move. Write a checklist in order to remember every detail. Moving can be tough, but if you are better prepared it can be a little easier.

Urban Living Style

If you are finally ready to take a look at what the Real Estate market has to offer you then you are in for a big surprise. There are a lot of options for you as there is certainly a large of amount of  Foreclosures that are popping up all over the place. All you have to do is look for them and you will see that there are a lot of deals and great opportunities out there for you to take advantage of just as soon as you want to. Urban Living In is certainly something that is highly sought after so it is up to you to make sure that you are taking action to find what you want before someone else beats you to it.

While you want to make sure that you act fast you do not want to move too fast and end up with something that you really cannot afford. Just because something is a great deal does not mean that it is right for you, no matter how much you enjoy Urban Living In. If you end up with something that is not within your financial means you may find that your home will eventually become a part of the fast growing Foreclosures list. Since this is not something you or anyone else would want make sure that you are one of the few Home Buyers that proceeds with caution.

Urban Living In is something that you will finally have if it is truly something that you want. Talk with your real estate agent and make sure that you are spelling out exactly what it is that you are looking for and what your price range is. Make sure that you never allow anyone, no matter how educated they sound about the subject, convince you to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to the type of property that you can afford. Going over board in order to get the Urban Living In is bound to eventually catch up with you and that is not something you will want to deal with later down the road.

Buyers, have you researched schools?

Schools are an important part of the decision process for any home buyer. If you plan on moving somewhere and living there for a reasonable amount of time, your schooling options will most likely affect your decision. Furthermore, with all the buzz about charter schools, re-drawing school districts, and vouchers, many parents are re-thinking where they want to send their children to school.

So what are your choices?
-Public schools abound, obviously, and are available anywhere you go. These schools are financed by the government and will admit any student living in their boundary. Not all public schools are created equal, however.

-Charter schools are considered public schools except that they are not bound by many of the rules and regulations that public schools are bound by. A charter school may have been started by the community or a parent, and so they are responsible to their creating organization. Many consider these schools a good alternative to conventional public schools because they offer smaller class sizes and more one on one time with students.

-Magnet schools are another public school option. These schools are selective and specialize in reaching their high standards. Testing is required to get into one of these schools.

-Private schools are just that: private. Free from government by outside bodies like the state or federal government. You’ll pay tuition for a private school because that is how they make their money; that and from their sponsoring religious organization, endowment, etc.

This information is probably nothing new to you. But I encourage you to take it a step further and view this website. Just knowing how the school types differ is not enough. Parents must compare and contrast and decide which school meets their childs specific needs.

The website I just linked to is The Sutherland Institute, where you’ll see a page with links to school rankings in Utah. Use this resource as a starting point to judge which school might be best worth your consideration. While you’re at it, the entire Sutherland Institute is good reading, so spend some time there.

I’ve found that this kind of information is best researched by a buyer well before they’ve made their final decision of where they want to live. It’s such a huge factor, it deserves plenty of time to itself.

Large Real Estate Portal

People that are looking for useful information about investing in real estate should check out the large real estate website at www.largerealestate.com. This portal offers a wealth of useful advice through instructional products that can provide you with very good investing information on different types of real estate opportunities. Large real estate is owned by successful real estate investor and financier Gregory D. Warr. He is the author of the bestselling training program Multi Unit Millionaire Maker. This guide teaches investors about the nuances and gradations about the different proprietary methods available for making a profit in investing in multiunit properties.

Large Real Estate Publications

The large real estate website features a plethora of informational materials like Greg’s Home Study Course: Strategic Investing, Buying, and Selling Apartment Buildings. The package contains twelve CDs that will teach you the ins and outs of investing in these properties. It also has home study guides as well as exams in order for you to measure how much information you have learned from the package.

Another large real estate bestseller is the book Make More Money Investing in Multiunits: A Step By Step Guide to Profiting from Apartment Buildings. Readers of this book will be taught by Mr. Warr on strategies about identifying certain potential markets with the highest potential for a successful investment venture. You will also learn large real estate strategies that are currently being used by the best and most successful real estate investors in the business. The book will also teach you on how to diversify your existing portfolio regardless of the economic situation. You will also learn from this large real estate book all about the different criteria that lending institutions rely on to loan millions of dollars to successful real estate investors.

Large Real Estate Software

Large real estate also offers ReaPac: Income Analysis and Appraisal Software for Apartment and Multi-Family Properties. When you load the information from the software, you will be able to learn all about the highest ceiling you can achieve regarding the break-even point for a property. The software will also be able to compute for you the largest amount you can finance for a certain property putting into consideration the amount of money you earn monthly. Likewise it will also give you info the maximum amount you can get the property for at the same time within the limits of your preferred cap. Finally, this software will be able to analyze for you how much money the banks will actually loan you for a certain piece of property you intend to invest in.

There are also other training CDs available to help you get ahead in real estate investing. These instructional training programs will teach you about the different strategies available in looking for prime apartment buildings that belong to your preferred market as well as significantly useful information on separating personal and business credit and useful tips on crafting a good business profile to attain good standing with different business credit agencies.

Real Estate Options

Investing through real estate options is a new way to make huge money. It involves less risk and volatility. Many people have lost huge sums of money through investing in stocks or stock options. But investing in real estate options offers huge rewards. Real estate options are ideal for novice and experienced investors alike. The money involved in investing in the real estate options is very low. However, each of the real estate option allows making good profits.

Real Estate Options As Investments
People, who intend to invest in real estate options, can hold or control the property with few dollars or few hundred dollars depending on the location. You are free from any repairs or mortgage payments on such investments. You need not pay any taxes. You can build a database of potential home buyers. You can buy a few options and hold it. You are advised to buy a real option on owner occupied house. It is less risky when compared to actually investing on other types of properties.

The investor just need to go out and buy a real estate option on an owner occupied home at a fixed price say strike price. The house owner will readily agree for that, as he could not sell the house on his own within a certain period. You can control a $300,000 property for just $3,000. You can search for potential buyers through the established network. With growing demand for homes, may potential buyers will come forward to buy a higher price. You can sell the house at much higher price. You can pocket the difference in price between the agreed price (strike price) with the owner and the sell price. You can easily make few thousand dollars say in 45 to 90 days period. Some people even used to accomplish this task in just few days of buying real estate options. It is one of the best ways to make money with little risk in real estate options.

The real estate options allow the house owners and commercial property owners to sell their property at much higher prices within a stipulated period. It doesn’t involve any brokerage and other financial obligations. The house owner just needs to agree for real estate option. It is one among the innovative ways to sell the property within a reasonable period. It is made possible with the advent of Internet. The real estate option investors will have to put in efforts to build a network of buyers through online ads and email marketing.

The real estate option investors can easily enter the high end real estate’s such as luxury apartments, high cost commercial buildings and other commercial properties with few hundred dollars of investment. You can sell the property at a higher price and pocket the difference between the sell price and the strike price. It is also possible to extend the option period for a small fee. The option buyer is not obligated to buy the underlying property. In case, the real estate options investor is unsuccessful, he will lose only the small investment.

Why refinance?

Why refinance?

Refinancing through the Home Affordable Refinance Program allows you to move to more stable mortgage terms. The most common situation is a move from an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed-rate one, which protects borrowers from interest rate fluctuations that probably caused their defaults in the first place. You can also move from an interest-only mortgage to a regular loan that allows you to build equity, or even change from a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage to a 15-year or 20-year one that allows you to pay it off sooner.

Who qualifies?

The Home Affordable Refinance Program targets borrowers who have a loan-to-value ratio of close to or over 100 percent (97-12% is the usual range). This means that they do not have much equity in their homes to make a home loan refinance viable for their lenders, or that they owe more than the value of their homes. You can contact your lender or consult a financial adviser to find out your home’s loan-to-value ratio.

The home loan refinance program currently applies to mortgages owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, both government-owned servicers. Both companies have online lookup tools, where you can see who owns your mortgage.

What do you need?

Most lenders will set their own guidelines for home loan refinance, so you may have to be screened separately by the Home Affordable Refinance Program and your bank. Before making your application, make sure you’re ready to provide documents such as:

Your latest mortgage statement
Your latest paystubs or a documentation of your household income
Your latest tax returns
Bills and account statements for credit cards and other loans
Bank statements for other accounts
It’s important to provide all the documents your bank asks for. Application volumes are high for home loan refinance these days, so getting shoved to the bottom of the pile can greatly increase your wait time. With proper planning and complete documentation, you can get your Home Affordable refinance done in no time.

The most important room in your house is the School Room

Well, maybe not the MOST important room… but, from a real estate point of view, the performance of the schools in a particular town directly influences whether people want to shop for real estate in that town. That then impacts how much you have to pay for a house, or how much you can get for your house when you go to sell. So, what do the Public Schools do for YOUR real estate value? When my clients ask me what I think of schools, I usually highlight 3 things:

1. Level of investment. Just drive down Whiting Avenue and look at our brand new Middle School. This new building is not only a tangible indication of our community’s willingness to invest in education, it is a physical asset for the entire town-provding state of the art meeting space for town organizations. But as one of the few new educational facilities around, it has been a great draw for attracting new teachers. Strong salary position initially attracts many applicants to our open positions each year, and, as I’ve sat on various search committees, each applicant volunteers how lucky we are to have this beautiful new school and how impressed they are with the Town. Right now, Dedham’s Avery School is on the list of only 49 schools in the Commonwealth that have passed rigorous qualifications for revived state reimbursement for a new facility. While we still have a long way to go in planning this new investment, we are well positioned with the state government and potential maximum 50% reimbursement rate.

2. Leadership that values results. Not quite 2 years ago, Dedham experienced a significant change in leadership. All administrative positions, including the Superintendent, and 4 principals turned over. The Dedham School Committee took this unusual opportunity to really think about the qualities we wanted in our educational leaders. We focused on leadership skills, strong educational experience and “fit” in our community. We also wanted leaders who would listen to parents and community leaders about what is important to us. We have a new emphasis on measuring student performance, particularly with the statewide required MCAS tests. In addition, one of the first tasks the new administration has undertaken is to conduct a new strategic plan for the district. This plan is underway now, having just spent 2 months aggressively pursuing community input into our mission and vision. Lastly, recognizing that good schools and solid performance directly influence real estate values, Superintendent Doe recently explicitly invited local realtor’s to tour the new Middle School and receive an update on the district.

3. Student performance. Sometimes I think we are so focused on “fixing problems” or “managing issues”, that we forget to look up and see how much our students do accomplish! Here are a few examples: Greenlodge School’s 3rd grade class last year was one of the top scoring classes in the Commonwealth on the MCAS. The Avery Schools was a finalist in the national Blue Ribbon performance program. Our 10th graders not only pass the required MCAS test, but over 50% score the Outstanding range. Over 87% of our graduates go on to higher education. Our Girls Soccer and Field Hockey teams have won conference or state championships in the last few years. Our Winter Color Guard took first place last year, and our Marching Band has been the New England champion in 4 of the last 7 years (kinda like the Patriots!)

Dedham is a great place to live and raise a family. I sell real estate here, I am a proud member of Dedham’s School Committee, and an even prouder parent of two high performing Dedham Public School kids!