Form Condos by Tridel in Toronto

If you are looking for a modern and artistic place to build roots at, you can look no further. Form Condos can be visited at this url: Form condos will have a 3 storey private art gallery. This fits in perfectly into the neighbourhood. How you may ask? Well the Ontario College of Art and Design is located near by. And lets not forget about the Art Gallery of Ontario. This condo will attract many students look to rent, which makes it a great investment.

The Condo is located at 36 McCaul Street in Toronto. The main firms involved in this development include Tridel, architectsAlliance, Osmington Inc, and MBTW Group / Watchorn Architect. This is a pre-construction condominium. First access starts March 29th, 2016. Follow the link above to register for the Form Condos.

The majority of the condo will be one bedroom units around 100 of them. 64 units will be allocated to two bedroom suits, and 20 will have 3 bedroom suits. The amenities included will be available both indoor and outdoors.

The neighbourhood surrounding this area has everything that you could want. There are restaurants, entertainment, education, culture, and easy access to public transportation.

Good luck and stay tune for upcoming investment deals in real estate.

Selby Condos coming to 592 Sherbourne

Selby Condos

Looking for a great new condo, well look no further. I just visited the site of a brand new condo coming to 592 Sherbourne Street called The Selby Condos. This is a brand new development that will feature condos and town houses. In total there will be 441 units that will be up for sale in the fall of 2015 and the project will be finished in 2019. This will be a great investment if you are looking to get into the real estate game. The location is prime and the real estate is hot in that area of the city.

The  former building which stood at 592 Sherbourne Street was purchased for $3.5 million in 2011 and since has been demolished to give way to the new foot print for a condo tower. The Selby will be a great addition to the neighborhood and the community is excited of this new prospect.

Three very well known builders have joined forces to bring you the hottest condo development in the city. DiamondCorp, Cityzen Developments Group and Fernbrook Homes are super excited to be in partnership to bring you the Selby Condos.

The press released happened last week and I noticed a lot of real estate agents and investors in the audience. By the looks of it this will be hot piece of real estate when the official sales start.  If you would like to be ahead of the public please register your intent at the official website which can be found by following the link above.

The VIP Platinum real estate agent is standing by to help you out with a purchase of a unit. Remember this is looking like a dream investment and if you have a down payment ready this is an opportunity you should not miss. I spoke with the agent the other day and I am reserving a unit myself. The price per square foot is just right and comparing to the surrounding area you will be getting a great deal and saving thousands if you purchase your unit in the registration or pre construction phase. Get yours today


Take a sneak peek at the beautiful rendering of the condo

Shelby Condos are now registering. Sign up today Foo!

As you can see the condos will fit perfectly in the community. This will be such a great improvement for an already nice neighborhood, and I can’t wait to see the final outcome and the grand opening of The Shelby Condos.



Real Estate Auctions vs. Traditional Real Estate Sales

This is a great topic for home sellers as they do not really understand the auction method of sale as it pertains to real estate. So, is selling your home at auction a better way to go rather then listing it with a traditional real estate agent?

The answer is an emphatic yes.
The auction method of sale gives consumers many more options when it comes to selling their home. But before I speak to the advantages let’s clear up some of the misconceptions. The word auction does not always mean foreclosure or short-sale. The auction method of sale is absolutely not always for distressed situations. This method of sale and the psychology behind it generates a tremendous amount of curiosity and interest for home buyers. Just seeing the word Auction on a real estate sign or in the MLS get buyer’s energized. If the auction is marketed correctly and administered ethically by an Auctioneer, the community will recognize this means of sale as a positive and not a negative. Buyers will always want to preview auction properties before traditional real estate listings.

The auction buzz

So now you have the energy and a buzz around your property that is being sold at auction. What are the advantages? The first advantage is flexibility. If you list your home with an auction firm, make sure they are also licensed to carry out traditional real estate sales, too. If the home does not sell at auction then it can immediately come on the market in the traditional sense. This will give you a competitive advantage with respect to a sales strategy. Yes a sales strategy, more tools that can bring an actual signed sales contract in less than 30 days. By coupling the auction method to traditional real estate sales you have created the perfect situation to sell your home.

Minto Westside Condos

Great investments always start with a great real estate market and low mortgage rates. As it stands we seem to have the ideal conditions for property investing.  The real estate boom is happening and it looks like it will continue way into the future.  Have you seen all the new developments that are coming to Toronto alone, they are too numerous to count even.  An article was released that stated we had over 150 condos going up in the great Toronto area alone.  This is hard to believe, but if you take a drive through downtown all you see are construction crane all around the city.  So I guess it really is the right time to invest in property.  Secure your mortgage and giddy up, there is no time to waste.  I have recently come across a development that will be a great investment, especially if you can get an inside scoop and acquire a unit before the general offer.  Let me introduce you to Minto Westside Condos being brought to you by Minto a very reputable builder that has a long history of successful developments.

Minto Westside Condos will be located at Front Street and Bathurst street a very trendy and extremely up and coming community.  It is filled with young professionals and will have one of the best locations in Toronto.  Just minutes away from the financial district, you will be immersed with fine dining, eclectic shops and a vibrant night life. There are so many reasons why you should live in the Minto Westside condos, lets start with the price per unit that will begin in the low $200,000.  Almost a steal when it comes to this high profile community, and remember Minto has 60 years of history and has built more than 71,150 units in that span.  Also they received the Ontario Home Builder award for 2014 and 2012, so you know you will be getting top notch quality.

If you are interested in one of these units please check out the special incentives that are available when you register today.  You will gain developer special VIP pricing for any unit available at the Minto Westside Condos, that already is a big bonus.  Also you can save thousands on assignment fees, capped closing charges and levies.  For a limited time there will be a one year free property management available to you if you are interested in renting or leasing the unit. There are plenty more special perks that you gain once you have registered.


A great addition to your home

When you are thinking about spending a serious amount of money on an addition to your home you will want it to add something special to the place.

When it comes to the example of orangeries you certainly don’t want to stand there looking at it and then think, “That’s nice but what do I do with it now?” Thankfully there are some very interesting uses you could find for this kind of structure once it is fitted to your house.

Party Central

When you invite people over to your house where do they usually spend most time? In a lot of homes it is the kitchen which everyone heads to and in others the living room ends up packed out. The great benefit to having an orangery is that it gives you an airy and spacious room where people can sit down and relax. If you have a well looked after garden then this is also a great vantage point from which to admire it.

More Peace

Do you want to feel less stressed out but can’t get excited about trying out transcendental meditation? In this case a simpler approach might be to give yourself a room where you can truly relax and switch off from the world. If this sounds like something you could be interested in then it is a good idea to plan the room carefully in advance. For example, do you want it to be filled with plants and soothing pieces of art or would you prefer a more spartan approach? If you get this aspect right then you can end up with somewhere which is a welcoming haven for you after a difficult day at work.

A Family Meeting Place

Isn’t it amazing how we can often spend a lot of time in the same house as our family without really bumping into them much? If everyone tends to stick to their own room in your house then having a room which everyone enjoys being in could be the perfect way to get them all together again. Whether they like watching the telly, reading books or magazines, listening to the radio, chatting or using their computer they can do it here in good company. You can choose from a range of models with big name firms such as Anglian, so you can get the perfect one for your family’s needs.

A Plant Nursery

Orangeries are also great places to grow plants in. Because they are usually warm and filled with light you can keep plants which maybe wouldn’t survive out in the garden. This also means that you can turn yours into a lovely, green place which it is a pleasure to be in.

This will also raise the value of your real estate, and that is a big bonus!

Art Shoppe Condos

So as a Realtor I have been in the real estate market for about a dozen years. I can tell you that the real estate market has had its ups and downs.  All the experts try and predict what will happen over the course of several years.  From what I have seen their predictions are usually wrong or so general that it doesn’t even matter.  Real estate for me has always been a foundation for great investments especially lately in the pre construction condo market.  Many investors are purchasing units to sell, lease or rent, which mortgage rates so low it is definitely the right time to consider picking up a condo or two.  If you are looking for something special that is still in the registration phase, have a look at Art Shoppe Condos.

Freed Developments is happy to announce a brand new project coming to 2131 Yonge Street, The Art Shoppe Condos. At the moment there stands a lonely furniture shop, which in the near future will be transformed into something much more.  Peter Freed is extremely excited about this new development, being in such a prime location in an already established community.  Yonge and Eglinton is becoming the new stomping ground for Freed and the gang.

Keep  your eye out for the sales of this project, it will definitely be a great investment and is already promising a great return on investment.  Make sure you have mortgage ready and a good down payment, these units will be flying out the sale office due to the high demand in the area. Be ready and be fast that is all I have to say. I have myself an inside track for a couple of units, now I am just waiting for the official release party.

So a little about the Art Shoppe Condos, lets begin that it will house close to 700 units and will be built to two phases.  The two towers when completed will stand at 39 and 28 storeys with a very impressive 6 floor podium.  There will be tonnes of amenities and the residents will have access to a car share program that will be included with the building.  The building will have parking for a total of 500 cares.

So get your pre-aprroved mortgage and click on the link above to be directed to the official sales site.  Register today and get a unit at the lowest price possible for the general public offering.  Don’t delay The Art Shoppe Condos already have started a wait list that is filling up fast.

I hope to see at the grand opening, good luck everyone!



Moving tips that will save you some stress

It is time to move and you are surely feeling a bit overwhelmed. Moving is not only a tough thing to do emotionally, it is exhausting physically. The best thing to do when moving is to have plan. If you write down a moving plan and follow the plan step-by-step, you will more than likely go through the moving process stress-free. Make sure to contact a real estate agent in order to assist you in your move or relocation to the  area.

Steps to Moving Stress Free

A list of steps to take when you are moving will help you not only help you to get through the process, but will help you remember all of things that are required during a move. Let’s first go over the exhausting part of moving and how to make it a little easier.


  • A professional moving service, if you can afford one, is the best option when you move. They use the best boxes and packing material offered. They are trained in this area and can pack in a very quick manner. However, many people do not have this option and must pack on their own.
  • First, make sure you have sturdy, dependable boxes. Flimsy boxes will only take more time in the moving process, due to repacking.
  • Next, make sure to wrap all glassware and pack plates and other glass objects vertically. Always label glass-filled boxes FRAGILE.
  • Packing by room will help keep things together and is much less stressful
  • Always label your boxes. Putting what room they go in and what is inside is very helpful.
  • Keep all hanging clothes together and put them in the moving van last and make sure you have put something such as a trash bag or sheet around them to protect them from damage.
  • Pack all canned foods together and considering marking the heavier boxes so that you will not pick up something that is too heavy.

There are many aspects to packing for a move and it is advised that you give yourself plenty of time to do so. Waiting until the last minute can cause things to get broken and left behind in the move.

Moving Other Things

If you are moving a family pet, make sure to move them last. It is best to keep them either at someone else’s home or in a room in your current home during the move. Not only do they get in the way, they can become lost in the moving process with doors and windows open. If you have a smaller animal, such as a hamster, you may move this in the car during the move. Do not put any animals in the moving van. This is not safe.

Important Steps

When you are planning a move, you must not forget the forwarding information that must be completed, such as your new address to creditors and other financial companies. Write a list down of all the people that need your new address and consider having cards printed out with your new address. Be sure to transfer your power and phones. Do not forget your computer connection such as DSL. Alert your children’s school of the change, if they will be in the same district.

There are many things to do when you are moving. Packing, forwarding your address is just a few. Again, give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the move. Write a checklist in order to remember every detail. Moving can be tough, but if you are better prepared it can be a little easier.

Riverside Square Lofts

Riverside Square Condos On Queen [Phase 1] Buyer VIP Access is available at  We are now taking registration for sales of units before the general public, this will be a pre construction offer that only a select few agent will have access to.  Register above with our platinum agent to secure your unit with Riverside Square Lofts.  Units are already selling super fast, there is no telling when this sale will end. Take a moment to register your intent today our this chance my slip right through your fingers.

Riverside Square Lofts will be starting from $200,000
Streetcar Development a well known urban loft builder
First phase will house 252 unites
The Planning Partnership will be in charge of the landscape layout
Livable area will be from 470 square feet to 2098 square feet
Designer Finishes with quality workmanship
Maintenance is estimated at $0.53/Sq.Ft., Parking will be $45/Month, Locker will $12/Month
Lockers purchase will be $5,000
Parking Purchase will be$35,000
Occupancy is estimated at 2018
Receive Priority Selections, Sample Floor Plans & Sample Prices Before The General Public Sale

Riverside Square Condos Floor Plans & Exclusive Platinum Specials on All Suites
Register today and receive $10,000 Off on Parking, Free Assignment and Right to Lease During Occupancy for Investors
Register today and receive $10,000 Off 1 Beds
Register today and receive $15,000 Off 1 Beds + Den
Register today and receive $20,000 Off 2 Beds and Larger
Register today and receive Advanced Selection To Save You Thousands
Register today and receive VIP Access for RiverSide Square Lofts and Condos Before the Public to Avoid the Line-Ups At Riverside Square Lofts

Learn What The Builder Won’t Tell You When Buying A New Construction Condo
Learn About Federal Tax Incentives & H.S.T. Rebates When Buying Investment Properties
Learn How To Qualify For Best Mortgage Rates With Our In-House Mortgage Adviser
Learn About The Gradual Deposit Structure:
$5000 + 5% in 30 Days +
5% in 180 Days +
5% in 370 Days +
5% on Occupancy

Here is the newest rendering for RiverSide Square Condos and Lofts

RiverSide Square Lofts and Condos

RiverSide Square Lofts and Condos


A master piece of art, this will be one of the most beautiful projects in Toronto.  Get your hands on one today!




Urban Living Style

If you are finally ready to take a look at what the Real Estate market has to offer you then you are in for a big surprise. There are a lot of options for you as there is certainly a large of amount of  Foreclosures that are popping up all over the place. All you have to do is look for them and you will see that there are a lot of deals and great opportunities out there for you to take advantage of just as soon as you want to. Urban Living In is certainly something that is highly sought after so it is up to you to make sure that you are taking action to find what you want before someone else beats you to it.

While you want to make sure that you act fast you do not want to move too fast and end up with something that you really cannot afford. Just because something is a great deal does not mean that it is right for you, no matter how much you enjoy Urban Living In. If you end up with something that is not within your financial means you may find that your home will eventually become a part of the fast growing Foreclosures list. Since this is not something you or anyone else would want make sure that you are one of the few Home Buyers that proceeds with caution.

Urban Living In is something that you will finally have if it is truly something that you want. Talk with your real estate agent and make sure that you are spelling out exactly what it is that you are looking for and what your price range is. Make sure that you never allow anyone, no matter how educated they sound about the subject, convince you to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to the type of property that you can afford. Going over board in order to get the Urban Living In is bound to eventually catch up with you and that is not something you will want to deal with later down the road.

Buyers, have you researched schools?

Schools are an important part of the decision process for any home buyer. If you plan on moving somewhere and living there for a reasonable amount of time, your schooling options will most likely affect your decision. Furthermore, with all the buzz about charter schools, re-drawing school districts, and vouchers, many parents are re-thinking where they want to send their children to school.

So what are your choices?
-Public schools abound, obviously, and are available anywhere you go. These schools are financed by the government and will admit any student living in their boundary. Not all public schools are created equal, however.

-Charter schools are considered public schools except that they are not bound by many of the rules and regulations that public schools are bound by. A charter school may have been started by the community or a parent, and so they are responsible to their creating organization. Many consider these schools a good alternative to conventional public schools because they offer smaller class sizes and more one on one time with students.

-Magnet schools are another public school option. These schools are selective and specialize in reaching their high standards. Testing is required to get into one of these schools.

-Private schools are just that: private. Free from government by outside bodies like the state or federal government. You’ll pay tuition for a private school because that is how they make their money; that and from their sponsoring religious organization, endowment, etc.

This information is probably nothing new to you. But I encourage you to take it a step further and view this website. Just knowing how the school types differ is not enough. Parents must compare and contrast and decide which school meets their childs specific needs.

The website I just linked to is The Sutherland Institute, where you’ll see a page with links to school rankings in Utah. Use this resource as a starting point to judge which school might be best worth your consideration. While you’re at it, the entire Sutherland Institute is good reading, so spend some time there.

I’ve found that this kind of information is best researched by a buyer well before they’ve made their final decision of where they want to live. It’s such a huge factor, it deserves plenty of time to itself.